Engage, develop, and retain your tech professionals

A systemic approach focused on employer brand nurturing, selecting individuals who align well with your organization, and fostering career development.

The new era
of tech recruitment

In the wake of the pandemic, trends such as Remote Work, the Great Resignation, and over-employment have taken the market by storm.

Now, the competition for talent among companies is truly global, and the needs, behavioral patterns, and expectations of professionals have drastically changed.

Power Hunting

It's no longer enough to simply hire people. A systemic approach is required, one that simultaneously addresses attraction, development, and retention. Our service provides a solution by focusing on these three essential pillars of building strong relationships with Tech professionals.
Employer Brand Nurturing

Tools for fostering a relationship between candidates and companies.

Selective Hiring
for Cultural Fit

Humanized and tailored processes designed for each company and individual.

Career Development

Guidance for Junior Professionals to expedite their progression towards senior roles.

A Systemic Approach

Only through this approach is it possible to remain competitive in the new market. Only through this approach can you foster long-term relationships with professionals. Only through this approach is it possible to effectively reduce the high, direct, and indirect costs in tech companies.

Turn your company's reputation into a recruiting asset

Employer Brand Nurturing is the process of building reputation as the foundation for developing long-term relationships with tech professionals. This reduces recruitment time, increases employee retention, and enables professionals to trust your company even before working for it.
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Your professionals in constant career evolution

Career Development provides bi-monthly group mentoring sessions, easy access to Pluralsight licenses, exclusive discounts and benefits within the Impulso Community, and a dedicated channel on Impulso's Discord for ongoing support.

Once every two months group mentoring

Mentoring sessions aimed at providing guidance and support for participants' professional development.

Facilitated access to Pluralsight licenses

Access to a platform providing online training with a wide range of courses for technology professionals.

Exclusive discounts and benefits

In the Impulso Community, professionals engage in activities and events, as well as enjoy exclusive benefits.

Ongoing support

Connect with other professionals and Impulso mentors through our exclusive Discord channel for continuous support.

decrease in turnover

We have successfully reduced our clients' turnover by 3 times. Our unique service offers all three pillars combined, providing a unified experience and a systemic and complementary approach.

We will do the same for your company.