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People Tech is a podcast for HR professionals who face the challenge of attracting and retaining tech talent in their companies, in this highly competitive era.

The podcast invites industry-leading professionals to share their journeys, best practices, perspectives, and insights to help other professionals achieve their goals.

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Last episodes

#34Julyana Castro, Sócia e Diretora de Operações da NR7

No episódio #34 do People Tech Podcast, tive a honra de receber Julyana Castro, Sócia e Diretora de Operações da NR7.

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#33Trajetória de um Desenvolvedor para Empreendedor, com Marcelo Linhares, Co-founder e CEO Onfly

Trajetória de um Desenvolvedor para Empreendedor, com Marcelo Linhares, Co-founder e CEO Onfly

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#32De uma Comunidade para agência global de Employer Branding: desafios, coragem e estratégias, com Whiny Fernandes (makelove agency)

Neste episódio especial, tenho o prazer de receber Whiny Fernandes, co-fundadora da Employer Branding Brasil e Country Manager na makelove agency.

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#31Firmando Relações: O Poder de uma Boa Liderança de Pessoas, com Henrique Santana (Inteeri)

Neste episódio especial, tive uma conversa incrível com Henrique Santana, um Psicólogo e Consultor em Desenvolvimento Gerencial e Equipes, que é simplesmente essencial na nossa galeria de convidados.

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#30Mulheres à Frente: Liderança, Maternidade e Empreendedorismo na Saúde, com Lilian Arai (Hackmed)

Neste episódio do People Tech, tive a oportunidade de conversar com a maravilhosa Lilian Arai, médica e fundadora da Hackmed.

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About the host

Talent and management specialist with extensive experience in the tech world

Kari Silveira

Co-founder and Chief Operating

Karine Silveira is an entrepreneur, mother, has 2 cats, and lives in Portugal, her backdrop in the videocast version. She is the co-founder and CPO of Impulso.

With nearly 3 decades of career, she has expertise in Education, People Management, Strategic Leadership, Agile Methods, and High-Performance Remote Team Management.

She is passionate about people and knows the transformative power of good conversations. That's why she envisioned the People Tech Podcast, to listen to and share the stories of leaderships that changed their lives, their families', and the people they lead.

As the host of People Tech, she also shares valuable insights for personal and professional life in the leadership area.

Her motivation is to change lives, identify talents, and provide mentoring to support personal and professional growth.

Some of our inspiring guests

Hear from visionary leaders who not only think about the future, but are actively shaping it with practical and effective approaches.

Larissa Maravelli

Director of People at ammo.varejo

Genuine culture and talent attraction

Thiago Angola

Head of People & Culture at BizCapital

Creating a positive work environment

Caio Infante

Employer Branding Specialist

The importance of Employer Branding

Denise Canavezi

Tech Talent Partner at GRUPO SBF

Attracting and retaining tech professionals the right way

Annelise Gripp

Consultant, Instructor, and Mentor at LACE Consultoria

How has technology transformed work relationships?

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