Since 1942 Bemol is a reference in the retail sector in the Brazilian North, in all its segments of operation: electronics, appliances, furniture, self-service, automotive products, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, food, among others. In addition, it stands out for having created its own ecosystem.

Its purpose is to be the choice of trust for the people of the North. Therefore, since its inception, the culture of excellence in service, both before and after sales, is its trademark. There is a constant concern to generate positive social impact throughout the Amazon, even serving riverside communities.

Bemol is committed to the continuous improvement of its products, driving innovation and development in the Brazilian Northern region through Bemol Digital and initiatives such as educational events and credit lines for other companies.

Currently, it has a broad presence in the Western Amazon, with 38 physical stores, 43 pharmacies, 4 markets, 23 bank correspondents, and 6 distribution centers. Its online store serves all of Brazil, with about 4,000 employees, standing out as the largest contributor of state taxes in the state of Amazonas, being in the commercial segment for over 31 years.

Accelerated growth

Bemol was building an agility team from scratch and needed a senior team to deliver solutions that met the company's expectations while delivering the best possible value for end customers.

Therefore, Impulso supported Bemol with Managed Extension services. Together, the companies opened 19 positions, placed 23 senior and mid-level professionals, and assembled a team that understands and practices agile culture in all of its processes. This helps understanding why the initial team assembled at the beginning of our partnership remains almost entirely intact to this day. We continue to deliver assertiveness for Bemol. We have now set up tech teams in other stacks for Bemol's companies.

Below market average turnover

With us, Bemol ensures a 5x lower turnover when compared to the tech sector average and the possibility of directly hiring professionals placed by Impulso.

“80% of the team is still the same as it was in 2021. The same people since Impulso brought everyone, including most who were directly hired. They have already taken on other positions within the company.”

João Clineu

João Clineu

Head of Agility, People, and Quality at Bemol Digital.

Gleirsa Guimarães

Gleirsa Guimarães

PMO Lead at Bemol Financial Services

Impulso is a very important partner for us, and we could only build this good relationship because you are leading this.

João Clineu

João Clineu

Head de Agilidade, pessoas e qualidade na Bemol Digital.

"Impulso was essential and still is in this process

One of the main success indicators for Impulso is the differentiation of our Impulsers for the internal team. The peak of this process is when there is a request to directly hire a placed person. Bemol has not only directly hired Impulsers but also has a list of future hires and maintains 80% of the team we assembled in 2021.

"It is a partner company that was open to all feedback. It was open to the structure of how we wanted these people and the team that exists today.

So it was essential for us to have a cohesive, senior, and multidisciplinary team, with diverse skills for everyone to add up and achieve the common result summing up all of their skills."

And there is still much to grow!

Currently, agile methods are part of Bemol's corporate culture, and the professional team is even more senior-level and efficient, allowing the company to maintain its expected growth rate. And our partnership continues to evolve, with the assembly of new teams. This will make Bemol expand even more!

Impulso is proud to be chosen to participate in the tech team extension process and the implementation of Bemol's agile culture. 💜