Blip is a leading company in intelligent contact resources. Through its innovative platform of message channels and human interaction, it enables its clients to have a humanized contact with their consumers, wherever they may be.

The platform also features artificial intelligence that creates personalized conversations across any digital channel, allowing the major brands that the company works with to have agile, effective communication that enhances the consumer experience.

The team assembly process

Impulso, therefore, takes care of the entire team assembly, allocation, and monitoring process: analysis of interested individuals, interviews, selection, professional kick-off, and ramp-up monitoring.

As a result, Blip focused its efforts on providing a delightful onboarding experience for the professionals joining the company.

A distinctive feature of Impulso is its Continuous Management team, which remains present in people's day-to-day operations, with close communication. This way, it is possible to track individuals' progress and maintain their engagement and alignment with the company.